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Whether you are looking for a little relief or help with a close, we’ve got you covered.

So it’s bottom of the 6th and your struggling with the close. 

That’s when most people call in a little pitch relief. And sure, we could dust off the presentation and tweak your PowerPoint presentation with the best of ‘em. But I want to let you in on a little secret.

One that won't cost you a dime.

When it comes to new business, most heavy hitters run out of gas early in the inning and don’t even get to second base with a new client prospect. Why?  The sales funnel.

That’s where LinkedIn can help. If you really want to open up on the competition and get customers beating a path to your door, any competent salesperson will tell you, "it’s about improving the quality and quantity of your lead." 

LinkedIn provides several tools to help you do just that. From your business profile, SlideShare, Group and Group Posts, and Article Share these are only the start. 

Do a little more investigating, you just might stumble upon InMail. It’s a great feature to get your business in front of your client contacts or even attract a whole new set of customers.

First, imagine direct and targeted access, any time of day to your prospect. No Spam Filter, receptionist or voicemail. Instant access. InMail is LinkedIn’s instant messaging tool. And as most business professionals have LinkedIn AP on their mobile device and bookmarked on their PC, you currently have unfettered access to a robust sales network of people you already know. ..people who can help with referrals and endorsements. 

But InMail also offers paid targeted messaging. 
With that, you can easily convert your whitepapers and articles into targeted lead generators. And that’s not all. You can send direct messages and pepper your prospect with timed messages designed to open up the bases and turn the standard pitch into a home run derby.

If you’re ready, check out this free download. It offers a number of tips and best practices to get you started.

And remember to implement these success tips do’s and don’ts

Basic things to keep in mind: 
• Keep copy under 1000 characters
• Use a clear call to action with a 300 x 250 banner
• Choose a sender that’s credible to your audience
• Include member’s name in the greeting
• Include body hyperlink early in the message
• Select a concise subject line

For more tips on the anatomy of creating successful InMail campaigns, check out this free download: “Market To Who Matters” a sponsored InMail User Guide from LinkedIn