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But successfully mold and repackage the ESV into a fashion icon that could influence style-conscious women? Now that's a plot twist no studio could buy.  Turns out, it wasn’t so impossible.

The Cadillac ESV launch was well-orchestrated around Fashion week. Billboards throughout Manhattan and Time Square were in place in several major markets accross the country. Shuffling models and A-List Celebrities to and from hotels . . . all set.

Then came this integrated and well coordinated Print, Multi-Media and Television Campaign below which first hit the runways of Manhattan… then the world.

In both Ink and Film, I’m proud to have helped pointed a spotlight, for one brief moment, to win audiences back to Cadillac, and I’d love to do the same for you.  ​Let's Chat!

Planning is everything.

Even before the first Cadillac ESV rolled off the production line, thousands of hours were spent on the question, how do you make this steel behemoth, dare we say, sexy?

Connecting with movers and shakers in the rap industry was a must. Converting Hollywood elite with a penchant for German, Italian or anything with an accent from flash convertibles to something birthed in the foundries of Detroit might be difficult.  But a vehicle reportedly tagged with a 13 city 19 hwy mpg rating would be tough for any critic to suspend their dis-belief.

Maybe so, if it weren’t for an aggressive affinity marketing strategy already embraced by the music industry and a series of high profiled Superbowl events that were part of a seven-week kickoff.

Davidson Design Co.

How To Make 5,985 lbs. of Forged Metal, Fashionable.

​Get the same Promotional, Video, Catalog and Event Support that helped Cadillac relaunch Escalade during Fashion Week | Naperville