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Teaching People to Fish: Chefs With A Mission impacts hunger and malnutrition

Chefs with the Mission began as a group of Atlantic City chefs who banded together to fight poverty and hunger in urban areas.

The Challenge: People living in poverty rely on the nearest Community Food Bank or church food pantry to feed their families. But these food services aren't like typical grocery stores. They can only give out what was donated the day before. That means they don't have the basic inventory you expect to find in a typical grocery store. Often, certain veggies like Zucchini or Acorn Squash go unused due to the lack of familiarity.  

These limitations create an additional challenge for meal preparation. You simply can't walk into a food pantry expecting to find ingredients to make an Italian dinner tonight or Mexican dinner as parents are limited to what is available at the food bank on that day. So they must learn to be resourceful. The problem becomes more difficult when families live in weekly rental motels with nothing but a hot plate or microwave and a little refrigerator to service as a kitchen. 

The situation makes McDonald's look far more attractive to mother or father who is struggling simply to find work.  But overprocessed food lacking variety and nutritional value create a different problem. Consequently, children in these families are malnourished, impacting typical growth and development and the ability to learn and participate in school. 

So these 4-star chefs decided to take these challenges on by creating a series of events to raise funds, awareness and support for food pantries.. They started training classes, videos and culinary workshops and events to share menu ideas and meal preparation tips at the Community Food Bank.

And it all started with a "Chopped" style fundraising dinner to support the Community Foodbank of New Jersey. These chefs were challenged to select ingredients and spices from the food bank and prepare a three-course meal. Limited to four minutes to select ingredients at the food bank and only a hot plate with unlimited cooking utensils, these chefs created a memorable tasting experience for charity patrons with their unique creations.  

Support Media included: Branding, Website, mobile, digital, social, newspaper and targeted cable customer awareness campaign generate finds in outer regional markets. Armed with specific audience cluster demographics, a highly refined donor profile targeting major donors and midlevel donors to increase support. The evening raised $175,000 for the food bank and led to a series of teaching, training and event opportunities for these professional volunteers. 

Since beginning in Atlantic City, the group has branched out into several areas in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Maryland region putting on demonstrations and raise support for Food Banks and After-School Programs in impoverished areas.

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